Getting from the couch to the gym is not hard to do

If you can wobble your two cheeks off of the couch at night and waddle your hefty weight to the kitchen for another heavy snack before bedtime you can make it to the gym. If you can race down the passage to make it to the bathroom in time, you can head off out of your front door and go for your first big run. Now, that big run is not going to be one of your country’s famous annual marathons, so get that fearful thought out of your head.

Your first big run is going to be nothing more than a sweat around the block. That’s it really, because no-one expects you to move mountains at this early stage of your transformation from a salty, oily potato to a clear skinned and clear headed speedster overnight. It takes time to get healthy and fit. So don’t go expecting overnight miracles. By the time you waddle onto the gym floor for the first time, you’ll be surprised just how much ra-ra encouragement and support you’ll receive.

Because you see, that’s their job. It’s your gym instructor or assistant’s job to get you into shape. Forget about the fees you will be paying, and forget about the disclaimers that say that the gym takes no responsibility for your heart or diabetes condition. Because that really is your responsibility. Before chancing your arm at the gym do make sure that you’ve been to your GP for a thorough checkup. In any case, he will still be telling you that exercise is necessary.

And the gym assistants’ responsibilities do lie in seriously considering your physical and mental wellbeing. It’s their job and most of them love it.

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